New hysteroscopy Laparoscopy training !!

hysteroscopy Laparoscopy training

Andalusia medical events announce the new hysteroscopy Laparoscopy training

 hysteroscopy Laparoscopy training

A great training absolutely affects your skills so you need to be careful to find the right place where you can develop yourself and Take a look at the practical day of Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy training session with Prof. Fady Moiety- Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University.Keep in touch to know our latest courses and workshops..For inquiries please Send us a direct message now!

you will learn in this course

Live training on Camera navigation
• Live Training on One & Two hand- coordination.
• Live training on Laparoscopic suturing “Level 1”.
• Theoretical training on Laparoscopic Adnexal Surgery
• Theoretical training on advanced Laparoscopic procedures.
• Theoretical training on Laparoscopic suturing.
• The main Tips and Tricks of Hysteroscopy procedures.

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