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Hands-On Experience dental courses

Why Hands-On experience is a must?

If you think that theoretical traditional education is just enough, maybe you need to think twice.

No doubt that practical training play a very important role in gaining much experience and boosting skills whatever the field is, and it is much more important when it comes to medical and healthcare aspects.

The main need of any fresh doctor or healthcare student, is the practical hands-on experience; as it provides the needed accurate explanation, besides the live training on patients which let them learn each tiny detail.

Benefits of Practical Learning in AHC:

We at Andalusia Healthcare Conferences (AHC) are always working hard to ensure offering the best service in town, providing critical and important topics in variable specialties, directed by the best professors in different Egyptian universities, and absolutely including outstanding medical hands-on workshops in Egypt

Our hands-on workshops in Egypt are well-known with professionalism in organization, accuracy in explanation, and committing in bringing all the needed tools & equipment to our valuable participants. That is why all participants found the practical training’s benefits are successfully achieved through Andalusia Healthcare Conferences (AHC), which are:

  • Hands-On Workshops:

Because we do believe in the importance of hands-on workshops, we do our best in providing premium quality through group exercising, practical training on real patients, and much more, which give the golden opportunity to each participant to know how to avoid risk happening, and upgrade his medical skills, besides receiving instructions and directions from great experts and doctors.

One-on-One Instruction:

One of the main purposes of any hands-on experience, is the on-spot feedback. The opportunity that is given to any participant; to apply what he had learned throughout the course, in addition to receiving constructive criticism and instructions to improve his skills, and more to the next level.

  • Networking Opportunities:

Participating in useful courses and practical workshops, leads you to develop yourself and achieve more. Learning more valuable information and practicing on your own, building strong bonds with many experts and great doctors, helps you in introducing yourself to the career market, and offers you more opportunities in large entities and hospitals.

Grab your chance, and don’t waste your time. You still have the opportunity to gain more experience and learn precious information.

Contact us now ask about your needed workshop, and book your place easily.

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