Alexandria Breast Surgery Conference
November 2, 2022
The 1st international Conference of experimental & Clinical surgery Department Alexandria Breast Surgery Conference 2022 A Golden Opportunity has Just Presented itself!The “International Breast Reconstruction Congress 2022” – (IBRC){Certified by CME & Alexandria University} A Colossal Conference that covers all...
The 21st Annual International Conference of Urology Department Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University”. “UroAlex 2022”
October 5, 2022
The 21st Annual International Conference of Urology Department of Faculty of Medicine, “The UroAlex 2022 Pre-conference Advanced Workshops the 3rd & the 4th of October, 2022 “Faculty Medicine, Alexandria University “The UroAlex2022 Congress” provides the accreditation: European Accreditation Council for...
2nd Andalusia Arabian Critical Care Congress - AACC
October 13, 2022
2nd Andalusia Arabian Critical Care Congress – AACC”Certified by (The American Association For Continuous Medical Education- CME)One-of-a-Kind Educational Experience introducing the Pioneers of the Critical Care Discipline in Egypt!By the Presidency of: ASST PROF. Mohamed Afifi“Assistant Professor at Critical Care...
Andalusia International Cardio Vascular Congress- AICVC
November 24, 2022
Presenting the Cardiology Discipline like nothing before; with Unique International Board Members:THREE Full-Days including “Hands- On Workshops & Live in the Box”, in:“Cardiology”• Cardiogenic Shock Scenarios• Hypertensive Heart Disease• Advanced Interventional Cardiology workshop CTO step-by-step.• Devices (Pacing, ICD, cRTDs) with...
November 10, 2022
How to Decide on a Treatment Plan for an ENT Case??Discuss & Practice it all with the Masters of the Field!Only at:“ENT: from Podium to Practice”Directed by: Prof. Ossama Abd El-Hamid.Providing Panel Discussions, Workshops, Live Surgeries & Live in the...
August 25, 2022
Postrior long-lasting posterior composites replicatingnatural morphology.•Identify factors of post-operative sensitivityand prevent their occurrence.•minimally invasive preparation designs.•Obtain anatomically correct interproximalmorphology and tight contacts.•Form beautiful occlusal anatomy and reducefinishing time ANTERIOR optimizing anterior teeth esthetics.•Understand color parameters and choosecomposite shades/ opacity to...
August 5, 2022
1st Day: Friday 5th August (Theoretical) Planning for child’s first dental visit. Behavior guidance for pediatric dental patients How to overcome child’s anxiety and fear Advanced behavior management techniques Pharmacological management of potentially resistant child Techniques for local anaesthia in...
August 31, 2022
Course Full Topic:Biomimetic CAD/CAM Partial Coverage Ceramics:1- Drawbacks of Porcelain.2- Strengthening of all Ceramic materials.3- Recent Ceramic materials.4- Pressable and Machinable Ceramics.5- CAD CAM Technology.6- Principles of preparation of partial coverage biomimetic CAD CAM Ceramics (Inlays, Onlays,Overlays)7- IDS, Resin Coating,...
June 10, 2022
Full-Day of Theoretical Lectures in more than –EIGHT- Dental Different Topics!“Aesthetica Dental Event”Brought to You by (AHC)!Get the exact experience you need in variable critical fields only in ONE DAY, with Legendary Board Members:• Dr. Mohamed Shams: Aesthetic Formula• Dr....
West Delta Dental Conference
March 3, 2022
Take your step now to get better results in your career and join West Delta Dental Conferencewhich takes place for the first time in Damanhour! Keep on track throughStrong educational content through Theoretical lecturesup to 25 different topicsTraining and practices...
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