Meet our brilliant and most skilled speaker in PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY

Dr. Sarah M. Shafik

BDs,M.Sc, PhD

Lecturer of Pediatric Dentistry (Acting head of the Department), Faculty of Dentistry, Beni-Suef University.

Lecturer of Pediatric Dentistry Misr International University.

Everything you should learn about PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY in one intensive and strong course!
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• Planning for the child’s first dental visit.
• Behaviour guidance for pediatric dental patients.
• Managing different attitudes displayed by children
and their parents in the dental clinic.
• How to overcome a child’s anxiety and fear.
• Pharmacological management of a potentially resistant child
• Techniques for local anesthesia in children.
• Preventive strategies for dental caries in children
• Management of deep carious lesions in primary and
permanent teeth using different techniques and materials.
• Restorative options for primary and permanent teeth
• Esthetic restorations for pediatric patient
• Management of space problems in children
• Management of the developing occlusion
• Prevention and treatment of oral habits
• Indications and contraindications for management of
pediatric dental cases under general anesthesia
• Management of different types of traumatic injuries in primary
and permanent teeth
• Management of a pediatric dental case under general anesthesia

live surgery
patient under general anesthesia

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    March 16, 2022 10:00 am
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    March 18, 2022 5:00 pm
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