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perio dental course in Egypt
  • Date: 19/20/26/27 august     1/2/3 September     9/10 September
  • Location : Andulasia Shalalat Hospitals
  • Duration: 9 days

Step by step from Perio-Basics till Advanced New Modern Perio !

  • 12 Patients …… 24 Candidates
  • Speaker :

Dr.Mina Saad

Peridontist in Alexandria Dental Research Center

Member of International Academy of Periodontology

Dr.Ayman ElAmin


  • Mastership LASER Dentistry – AACHEN– Germany
    • Certified LASER Safety Officer ( LSO ) – AACHEN– Germany
    • Fellow World Academy of LASER Dentistry ( AALZ ) – Germany
    • Member International Association of Dental Research ( IADR ) – USA
    • Assistant Researcher – Restorative Department – National Research Centre

Scientific content:

Golden perio module:

Day 1:

How to diagnose a periodontal disease.

“step-by-by step diagnostic procedures and recognizing the newer classification of periodontal diseases Confirmed by European Federation Of Periodontology”

How to treat a periodontal disease. “Journey through the periodontal pocket beginning from non-surgical management to the surgical phase”.

Role of locally delivered & systemic antiseptics in periodontal therapy.

Periodontal emergency in dental clinic……diagnosis & management.


  • Day 2:
  • Perio interactions with other dental specialties:
  • Perio-endo:-

-Diagnosis and causes of different perio-endo & perio endo problems.

-Management protocols.

  • Perio-fixed:

-Prosthetic considerations in relation to the gingiva.

-Pre-prosthetic periodontal precautions and protocols before beginning in preparation.

-Different treatment approaches for functional crown lengthening.

“Surgical Vs non-surgical techniques”

-Clinical periodontal response to all ceramic crowns with different subgingival finish lines

“Chamfer , shoulder & feather edge”.

-Biologic width evaluation , importance , violation & correction.

-Periodontal & prosthetic outcomes of biologically oriented preparation technique (BOPT).

  • Perio-restorative:

-How to deal with deep subgingival restorations without affecting periodontal health.

  • Perio-ortho:

-Orthodontic treatment of periodontally involved teeth.

-Management of mucogingival problems before orthodontic treatment. “gingivectomy, gingivoplasty , frenectomy & frenotomy”.

-Orthodontic treatment periodontal complications and management. (Dehiscence & fenestration).

-Periodontally accelerated osteogenic orthodontics (PAO)and its rule to decrease the duration of orthodontic treatment.

  • Perio- Oral Surgery
  • Impaction Correlation periodontally
  • Distal Wedging Sutures
  • Halitosis……causes & management.
  • Bony defects & furcation-involved teeth. “Causes & management”
  • Guided tissue regeneration different surgical procedures.


Day 3:


  • Ideal Curettage Technique
  • Difference between full thickness flaps “Envelope flap & papilla preservation flap” and

Partial thickness flaps “Coronally advanced flap, laterally moved coronally positioned flap”.

  • How to harvest connective tissue grafts & free gingival grafts.
  • Bone graft & membrane placement techniques.
  • Types of sutures “Single sling, figure of 8 & continuous sling”.
  • Minimally invasive guided tissue regeneration techniques (MIST) & (M-MIST).
  • Functional crown lengthening.
  • Frenectomy , frenotomy.
  • Functional crown lengthening.
  • Gingivectomy , gingivoplasty.

Pink Smile Design Module: –

  • 1st day:-
  • Diagnosis & Management of periodontal defects affecting aesthetics: –
  • Dilemma of gummy smile:
  • How to diagnose and reach the possible etiology.
  • How to build a successful treatment plan.
  • Schematic approach for gummy smile management.
  • Deep look into gingival recession:
  • How to diagnose and reach the possible etiology.
  • Risk factors for gingival recession. “Dental Vs periodontal”
  • Different treatment approaches. “from traditional techniques till reaching minimally invasive procedures”


  • 2nd day:-
  • Dilemma of black triangle:
  • How to diagnose & reach the possible etiology.
  • Different treatment approaches for management. “Periodontal & non-periodontal”
  • Gingival enlargement:
  • Different types, causes & possible treatment options.
  • Gingival pigmentation:
  • Different causes & appropriate treatment options.
  • Smile design from a periodontal prospective: –
  • Perio-fixed interrelationships.
  • Perio-restorative interrelationships.
  • Ideal prosthetic requirements needed for better gingival health & aesthetics.


Revolutionary Perio-Laser Module :

“Workshops” (On Caw heads)

  • Esthetic crown lengthening techniques. “Apically positioned flap with ostectomy &/or without osteoplasty”
  • Bone sounding technique.
  • Basic root coverage techniques: Coronally advanced flap with &/out vertical releasing incisions, laterally moved coronally advanced flap & harvesting techniques of free gingival grafts & connective tissue grafts.
  • Minimally invasive root coverage techniques: Tunneling & VISTA , V-Y Bernotti flap “Zipper-like effect” , Laterally stretched tunnel flap & laterally stretched envelope flap.
  • Papilla reconstruction techniques.
  • Types of sutures: Cortellini suture, laurel suture & vertical internal mattress suture.
  • Gingivectomy.
  • Gingival depigmentation technique.
  • Minimally invasive Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) techniques. “MIST & M-MIST”


  • Esthetic Crown Lengthening
  • Laser Application Frenotomy , Depigmentation , Pocket Laser Curettage
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