All About Fixed Prosthodontics

For all dentists get ready to boost your skills by a perfect detailed course by Dr. Mostafa Nour, BDS,MDSc,DDSc.
Lecturer of Prosthodontics-Faculty of Dentistry- Ain Shams & MUST university.“ALL ABOUT FIXED PROSTHODONTICS”Brought to you by AHC Five-day course including all there is to know about fixed prosthodontics, Hands-On workshops

Day 1 :
-Principles of Diagnosis and Treatment Plan For Fixed Prosthodontics
-Case Selection.
-Tooth Preparations, Principles and Guidelines.
-Steps of Preparation for Metal-Ceramic Restorations.
-Retraction Protocols
(Materials & Different Techniques).
-Impression ( Materials & Techniques).

Day 2 :

  • All Ceramic Restorations.
  • The drawbacks of porcelain
  • Strengthening of all ceramic materials
  • The recent ceramic materials
  • Pressable ceramics
  • Machinable ceramics
  • CAD/CAM technology
  • Inlays & Onlays
  • Adhesion to ceramics

Hands-On :

  • Preparation of all Ceramic restorations.
  • Preparation of Inlays and Onlays.

Day 3 :
Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth.(Post & Core and EndoCrown).

  • Introduction to Endodontics and its Effect on Tooth structure
  • Case Selection and Treatment Planning with Emphasis on Radiographic Examination
  • Principles of Preparation/Modification of Endodontic tooth for post
  • Types of post and core systems
  • Selection of Post system and Core material
    Direct Technique
  • Indirect technique: Direct Pattern and post impressions
  • Selection of Cement for Different Post Systems with Cementation Procedure
  • Core Build Procedure
  • Failures and Their Management
    hands – on
  • Post space preparation
  • Try-in of post and core application
  • Preparation Of Endocrown

Day 4 :

  • Different Bridge Designs( simple and complex cases)
  • Bridge Preparation.
  • common path of insertion. -different lab fabrication techniques( casting -pressing & CAD/CAM)
  • Bridge Preparation.
  • common path of insertion

Day 5 :
Retraction Protocols. ( classic vs advanced)

  • Impression:
    ( Different Types of Impression materials used in FPD -various Impression Techniques).
  • Temporization. ( materials &techniques)
  • Bite Registration ( materials&techniques)
  • Surface Treatment and Cementation.
  • Occlusal Adjustment.
  • Retraction Protocols.
  • Impression.
  • Temporization.
  • Bite Registration.
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