All About Fixed Prosthodontics’’ 2nd Wave

Course Full Topic:
Biomimetic CAD/CAM Partial Coverage Ceramics:
1- Drawbacks of Porcelain.
2- Strengthening of all Ceramic materials.
3- Recent Ceramic materials.
4- Pressable and Machinable Ceramics.
5- CAD CAM Technology.
6- Principles of preparation of partial coverage biomimetic CAD CAM Ceramics (Inlays, Onlays,
7- IDS, Resin Coating, Biobase.
8- Adhesion to Ceramics.
9- Full coverage CAD CAM Ceramics & post and core foundations.
Hands On:

  • Biomimetic preparation of Inlays, Onlays and Overlays.
  • Full coverage CAD CAM ceramics preparation.
    Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth:
    1- Introduction to Endodontics and its effect on tooth structure.
    2- Case selection and treatment planning emphasis on Radiographic examination.
    3- Principles of preparation / modification of Endodontic tooth for post.
    4- Types of post and core systems.
    5- Selection of post system and core material.
    6- Selection of cement for different post systems with cementation procedure.
    7- Core buildup procedure.

Retraction Protocol
Impression (Different types of impression materials used in
FPD and various Impression techniques)
Temporization (Materials and Techniques)
Bite Registration (Materials and Techniques)
Surface Treatment and Cementation
Occlusal Adjustment
Clinical Module:
Practice clinically and take the decision easily for your fixed prosthesis case,
Each candidate will handle a Zirconium crown case from preparation to cementation.
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