3rd Architecture Dentistry Aesthetic

Dental Bleaching
Patients’ desires and expectations today make tooth
whitening a necessary part of most case presentations and
treatment plans.
This course includes all aspects of tooth whitening and the
contributing factors associated with tooth discoloration.
Course Duration:
1 Day Theoretical , 1 Day practical
(both days on patients)

Botox & fillers
• History of Botox and fillers
• Bio materials of Botox and fillers and its different brands
• Work flow of Botox and fillers
• Management of different complications
• Live demo on patient (facial Botox and wrinkles fillers)
• Practical Hands on patient.
Course Duration:
1 Day Theoretical , 1 Day practical
(both days on patients)

Removable Prosthodontics
• Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.
• Surveying & Mouth Preparation.
• Impression.
• Jaw relation.
• Occlusion, Artificial teeth & Denture base flanges.
• RPD Design.
• Esthetic Metallic Clasps.
• Camouflaging Metal Clasps.
• Attachments.
• Implants.
• Cusil Like RPD.
• CAD-CAM Dentures.
• PEEK applications.
• Flexible Dentures (NMCD’s)

Fixed prosthodontics
• Treatment plan
• Case selection
• Tooth preparation All Ceramics
• Inlay & Onlay
• Temporization
• Post and Core
• Endo crown
• Path of insertion
Course Duration:
3 Days Theoretical and Workshop

Anterior composite
•Anterior Composite (Monoshade concept):
• Esthetic dentistry is controversial
from patient/dentist points of view.
• Pink & White esthetics.
• Matrix systems selection in anterior composite.
• Cavity design in anterior composite.
• Shade selection .
• Body shade (Monoshade) concept.
• Finishing and polishing protocol.
• Cases discussion.
Course Duration:
1 Day Theoretical and workshop,
1 Day practical (on patients)

Posterior Composite
& Rubber Dam Isolation
• Soft Caries Management.
• Partial or complete caries removal dilemma.
• Biomechanics in Posterior Restorations.
• Modern cavity design for composite restorations
(from GV Black to David Clark class II).
• Composite application technique (Layering & injection)
• The easiest way to do occlusal anatomy(functional & esthetic)
• Matrix system selection (All types of rings, wedges, matrix bands)
• Do I need to Heat My Composite?
• Finishing and Polishing Protocol.
• Multiple-step by step Cases Discussion
Board Member of Tomorrow Tooth Academy
Course Duration:
2 Days Theoretical and workshop,
1 Day practical (on patients)

Day 1
Review All Types of Dental Veneer
(Porcelain, Limner & Ready Made Veneer).
Indirect Dental Veneer Indication
and Contraindication of Dental Veneer.
Day 2
Material of choice For Dental Veneer Failures
and How to Avoid ThemDifferent Veneer.
Preparation Prepless Veneer Temporization Cementation.
Day 3
Clinical hands on patient
one unit preparation and cementation
Course Duration:
1 Day Theoretical and workshop
2 Days practical (on patients)

Golden Perio Module
• Step-by-by step diagnostic procedures.
• How to treat a periodontal disease.
• Non-surgical management to the surgical phase.
• Role of locally & systemic antiseptics in periodontal therapy.
• Perio interactions with other dental specialties:
Diagnosis and causes of different perio-endo
& perio-endo problems (Management protocols).
• Prosthetic considerations in relation to the gingiva.
• Pre-prosthetic periodontal precautions .
• Biologic width evaluation , importance , violation & correction.
• Functional crown lengthening.
“Surgical Vs non-surgical techniques”

How to deal with deep subgingival restorations without
affecting periodontal health.
• Orthodontic treatment of periodontally involved teeth.
• Management of mucogingival problems before orthodontic treatment.
“gingivectomy, gingivoplasty , frenectomy & frenotomy”.
• Orthodontic treatment periodontal complications and management.
• Periodontally Accelerated Osteogenic orthodontics (PAO).
Perio- Oral Surgery
• Impaction Correlation periodontally
• Distal Wedging Sutures
• Halitosis……causes & management.
• Bony defects & furcation-involved teeth. “Causes & management”
• Guided tissue regeneration different surgical procedures.

LASER in dentistry
Theoretical Module
• LASER Physics and How Do they Work.
• LASER-tissue interactions.
• LASER Devices used in dentistry and their differences.
• Difference between Variable LASER wavelengths.
• The Different applications of LASERs in all dental field.
• Focusing on the LASER-Assisted Periodontal Treatment protocols.
• Laser in Diagnosis, prevention, nonsurgical pocket therapy, the
treatment of hypersensitivity, surgical procedures, in implant therapy,
Calculus removal, Periodontal pocket treatment, Laser Bacterial
Reduction (LBR), Photodynamic therapy, LNAP, Soft tissue
application, Esthetic gingival procedures, Osseous surgery,
Therapeutic Application.
• Low Level Laser Therapy “LLLT”.
• LASER Safety protocols.
• LASER Marketing and Money Gaining Uses.

Hands-on Module
• How to set up a dental laser device.
• Hands-on training on Diode soft tissue LASERs on Patie On-the
Shoulder training for Experiencing the clinical LASER Applications
“Gingivectomy, Depigmentaion, Gingival Troughing,…….”
Course Duration:
1 Day Theoretical and workshop
2 Days practical (on patients)

Dental Photography
• In this module you will learn all about the Dental
photography Tips and Tricks.
• How to take an artistic pictures.
• How to use all the photography armamentarium
(flashes, soft boxes, lengths).
Course Duration:
1 Day Theoretical and Workshop.

Day 1 : (lectures + live demo)
• Occlusion concepts and philosophies (Reflection on
present past and future)
• What is Ideal Occlusion?
• How to make full occlusal analysis and when? (Live demo)
• Which articulating paper to use and what does the points
you see mean and why is shim-stock so important?
• What can happen to your restorations due to faulty
occlusion and how to avoid it?
• Canine Guidance and group function balanced occlusion
and how do they affect your restorations?
• What is centric and is it really important?
Occlusion, Periodontics and orthodontics
• Bite registration errors
• CR or ICP when and why?

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