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[:en]AHC is a company concerned with the conference management in Egypt for the medical community. It is part of Andalusia healthcare group which started in Jeddah, KSA, in 1984 with Hai Al-Jamea hospital (HJH) which was established by the founder of the group, Dr. Darweesh Zagzoug as a single hospital, Hai Al -Jamea hospital was a pioneering facility in providing healthcare in the southern area of Jeddah. The year 1989 witnessed a significant expansion of the group through the establishment of two distinguished units; the Jeddah Dental Center (JDC) in Jeddah, KSA and Al Salama Specialized Hospital (ASSH) in Alexandria, Egypt. Also in 2004, the establishment of Al Salama New Hospital (ASH), followed by Maadi hospital in Cairo in 2005 (AMH) and later in 2012, the group expands to include Smouha hospital in Alexandria (SMH).


AHC is aiming for putting specialty doctors and general practitioners on the adequate track through holding various healthcare events.

We do this by offering a vast array of medical conferences, workshops, and events.

Our leadership originates from our professionals ever-increasing knowledge, experience and our commitment to excellence.


AHC is concerned with putting all the gained experience and reputable doctors in touch with our audience in collective events aiming to lead the healthcare conferences industry in the Middle East effectively towards global standards.


At AHC we put our audiences’ benefits our number 1 priority.

We aim for:

Providing more than 10000 doctors and practitioners per year with state of art techniques and modalities in the healthcare field.
Maximizing the benefits from international visiting programs at Andalusia group hospitals and sharing experience between our local healthcare practitioners and international expertise, establishing our vision of supporting the society and providing elite healthcare services for our community.
Raising awareness for healthcare practitioners towards the recent local and international healthcare challenges and opportunities.
Enhancing the continuing education idea by providing specialized events for healthcare practitioners.[:]

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