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Healthcare practitioners today are no longer competing for jobs in their own countries. Current technological advances and globalization means that they are now competing for jobs in a global economy. Standards are high, and expectations demanding. In order to navigate and succeed in their world, they need an edge, they need to be equipped with the power of knowledge and practice. AHC is a unique project of Andalusia Healthcare group aiming in putting a new definition for healthcare conferences and continuing education events. With more than 30 years experience in healthcare field, AHC understands what healthcare practitioners face, feel, need and dream of. AHC helps in building a better future by starting improving healthcare practices today. AHC is committed toward the community for providing elite healthcare services, improving quality of life and updating its programs and techniques towards global standards.


Our vision

AHC is concerned with putting all the gained experience and reputable doctors in touch with our audience in collective events aiming to lead the healthcare.

Our mission

AHC is aiming for putting specialty doctors and general practitioners on the adequate track through holding various healthcare events.

Our goals

– Providing more than 10000 doctors and practitioners per year with state of art techniques and modalities in healthcare field.

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